Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Barney’s Pro Kleen is the ideal provider of carpet cleaning services in Portland, Oregon. We combine superior cleaning technology with reliable, trained cleaning professionals to deliver the best in-depth cleaning for homes. Whether you want your carpets, upholstery, or car upholstery cleaned, stains removed from carpets, hardwood floors, or upholstery, or the tile grouts cleaned, our trained cleaning technicians in Oregon can complete the work efficiently and properly.

Our Standards are High

When you choose to get your carpets cleaned in Portland by Barney’s Pro Kleen you can be assured that the cleaning will be undertaken by trained technicians. We do not send janitors to clean your carpets or upholstery, ensuring that the cleaners do not damage the carpet or hardwood floor.

Additionally, our trained cleaning technicians use green, non-toxic, safe cleaning solutions and methods to clean your home. The chemicals they use to dislodge the dirt from the carpets and floor and the powerful suction equipment used to clean carpets and air ducts remove most of the dirt and grime found inside the home along with moisture. This ensures dry and clean carpets and upholstery that cannot form mold easily, are odor free, and do not attract dirt and grime easily.

As our carpet cleaning Portland service provides a complete solution to stained and dirty carpets, you can be use that when you use our cleaning service you will be able prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery.

Our Focus Correlates with Your Expectations

As our cleaning professionals function independently, they will save you the time and effort needed to clean your carpets and upholstery. When you retain the services of Barney’s Pro Kleen you are essentially obtaining additional free time that you can spend on your family, friends, or hobbies. The reliable cleaning services provided by us in Portland, Oregon, ensure that your home is clean without you having to labor over it.