We Know How to Combat and Mitigate Water Damage


Water is a life giver but it can cause substantial damage to property when it is present and flowing in excess. Often, burst pipes, backed sewer lines, and floods can cause plenty of damage to the structure, hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, walls, furnishings, and documents in your home.

A Life Giver, A Life Taker

While, you can claim flood insurance to cover the cost of the restoration, you need the services of a reliable water damage restoration service in Portland, Oregon, to restore your home after water damage. Barney’s Pro Kleen provides water damage restoration services in Portland and neighboring areas.


Our water damage restoration service is undertaken by trained technicians who are aware of the best ways of drying and cleaning carpets, upholstery, floors, walls, and documents. They will use specialized systems and equipment to completely dry the home and remove stains and other marks from furnishings, walls, floors, and documents.

When important documents are damaged by water spills, floods, or burst pipes, all you need to do is call Barney’ Po Kleen water damage restoration services. Our trained technicians will assess the damage done by the water and record it by taking photographs and making notes. You can use this documentation to file your claim with the insurance company as our technicians are aware of the requirements of most insurance providers.

Water must be Controlled at all Times

Were not just a Portland carpet cleaning company.  When you call us for help with water damage restoration in Portland, we bring a whole host of expertise with use. We provide technical help, equipment, trained professionals, and documentation services to ensure that you can successfully file a claim for compensation. Our service thus helps you save time and money in multiple ways – by quickly cleaning your home, by helping you file your insurance claim, and by restoring expensive carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors. We will also restore damaged documents, helping you keep your finances in order.