Tile Grout

Energetic and Awesome Tile Grout Cleaning

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Tile grout attracts dirt and grime because it is porous and easily absorbs moisture and dirt. Manually cleaning tile grout can be both time consuming and tedious. Moreover, this method can only remove the surface dirt, leaving a discolored grout behind. Barney’s Pro Kleen offers professional tile grout cleaning in Portland, Oregon. We use trained cleaning technicians to ensure that the tile grout is cleaned completely and your tiles look bright and new again.

How Our Chemicals Work

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Barney’s tile grout cleaning service in Portland uses safe, green, and non-toxic chemicals and systems to force the dirt out of the grout and make it look clean again. The chemicals enter the porous material of the grout and dislodge the dirt and grime inside.

Hard Working Employees who Seek the Best Results

When you retain the services of our tile grout cleaners in Portland you are assured of a safe and reliable cleaning service that will make your kitchen, bathroom, and floor tiles look clean, shiny, and right. Instead of replacing dull looking tiles, you can undertake tile grout cleaning to restore the look of your kitchen and bathrooms.