Stain Removal Like You have never Seen Before

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Carpets and upholstery can become stained when people accidently drop food or spill drinks on them. Additionally, they can become stained when pets or children have accidents on the carpet or upholstery. When this happens you can call Barney’s Pro Kleen for their expert stain removal service in Portland, Oregon. Our stain removal system is green, safe, and non-toxic ensuring that you and your pets are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Barney’s Pro Kleen stain removal service in Portland uses reliable technicians who are trained in removing stains from carpets and upholstery. Additionally, they will also remove the odor on the carpets and upholstery and ensure that they are free of bacteria and microbes.

Stain clean up

When pets or children have accidents on carpets or upholstery, you need to worry about more than just the appearance of the carpet. You need to ensure that the germs and odor is also eliminated to make the carpet reusable. We offer a reliable and easy way for you to remove the stains and prolong the life of your belongings such as carpets, upholstery, and other furnishings. Call Barney’s pro kleen carpet cleaning Portland today.