Our Equipment

We Take Pride in Our Equipment
At Barney’s Pro Kleen we use special methods to clean carpets, upholstery, tile grouts, and air ducts. Our technicians are trained in using these methods and the equipment that go with them to provide a superior carpet cleaning service in Portland. Our equipment is designed to help dislodge dirt and grime from within the carpet and upholstery and then suck it up away from your home. Whether you want to get your carpets cleaned or stains removed from them, our technicians have the equipment and systems to do so safely and efficiently.

No Sticky Residue
Barney’s Pro Kleen Portland carpet cleaning service ensures that even deep seated dirt and grime is pulled to the surface of the carpet or upholstery using carbonated solutions. This requires less water making it easier for the carpets to be dried, preventing odors, mold, and so on. Moreover, when the dry carbonated cleaning system is used, there is no sticky residue left on the carpet, ensuring that it stays cleaner for longer.
Our Portland carpet cleaners also use high powered suction devices that suck up the dislodged dirt and moisture from the carpets and upholstery. Our reliable carpet cleaners in Portland, Oregon, use both portable equipment and equipment that is tied or connected to the truck.

Long Term Use
While the portable equipment is used to clean hard to reach areas such as air ducts, the equipment in the truck is used to clean carpets that can be removed and taken to the truck. The genuine and superb suction power of the equipment in the truck ensures that the carpets are completely clean and dry. This will make your home cleaner and pleasanter, while ensuring your carpets last longer.
Barney’s Pro Kleen provides in depth cleaning services that make homes and commercial spaces dust free using special equipment and chemicals operated by trained professionals.