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Commercial Carpet

Professional Commercial Cleaning at Your Service

Commerical Carpet Cleaning Portland1

Commercial spaces in Portland, Oregon, attract a lot of people. This can make these spaces dirty very quickly. However, it is vital for a commercial building to keep the premises clean in order to attract customers. Barney’s Pro Kleen provides expert cleaning services in Portland for commercial spaces. Our carpet cleaners Portland will ensure that the carpets and upholstery in your commercial building is clean, dry, and odor free. This will also help prolong the life of the carpet even as it attracts more customers.
Similarly, our tile grout cleaners in Portland will remove all the dirt from the tile grout in the bathrooms and toilets of the commercial building, creating a brighter room that reassures customers. Our Portland carpet cleaning team also includes air duct cleaning to ensure that your central heating and cleaning system forces in only clean air into the building.
This makes the atmosphere within the building fresh and odor free. Your customers are more likely to be impressed with your service and products if the commercial building is cleaned professionally and looks well maintained.


We Know How to Combat and Mitigate Water Damage


Water is a life giver but it can cause substantial damage to property when it is present and flowing in excess. Often, burst pipes, backed sewer lines, and floods can cause plenty of damage to the structure, hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, walls, furnishings, and documents in your home.

A Life Giver, A Life Taker

While, you can claim flood insurance to cover the cost of the restoration, you need the services of a reliable water damage restoration service in Portland, Oregon, to restore your home after water damage. Barney’s Pro Kleen provides water damage restoration services in Portland and neighboring areas.


Our water damage restoration service is undertaken by trained technicians who are aware of the best ways of drying and cleaning carpets, upholstery, floors, walls, and documents. They will use specialized systems and equipment to completely dry the home and remove stains and other marks from furnishings, walls, floors, and documents.

When important documents are damaged by water spills, floods, or burst pipes, all you need to do is call Barney’ Po Kleen water damage restoration services. Our trained technicians will assess the damage done by the water and record it by taking photographs and making notes. You can use this documentation to file your claim with the insurance company as our technicians are aware of the requirements of most insurance providers.

Water must be Controlled at all Times

Were not just a Portland carpet cleaning company.  When you call us for help with water damage restoration in Portland, we bring a whole host of expertise with use. We provide technical help, equipment, trained professionals, and documentation services to ensure that you can successfully file a claim for compensation. Our service thus helps you save time and money in multiple ways – by quickly cleaning your home, by helping you file your insurance claim, and by restoring expensive carpets, upholstery, and hardwood floors. We will also restore damaged documents, helping you keep your finances in order.


Air Duct

Marvelous & Effective Air Duct Cleaning

Portland air duct cleaning

Air ducts are used in homes and offices with central heating and cooling systems to take treated air to the various rooms and take used air from the various rooms to the central heating or cooling unit. These air ducts are narrow spaces that contain the pipes that carry the air.

These air ducts can accumulate dirt and dust from the air as well as humidity, leading to the growth of mold. This dust and spores can then enter living spaces through the vents along with the treated air. As such it is vital that air ducts are cleaned regularly. Barney’s Pro Kleen provides air duct cleaning services in Portland, Oregon.


Our technicians use suction machines and ensure that the narrow air ducts are free of dust and dirt as well as humidity. This cleaning ensures that your Portland home is safe even for those suffering from dust allergies. While air ducts are a salient way to transmit treated air, they can also become a breeding ground for diseases and mold unless cleaned regularly. Our technicians in Portland will ensure that the air ducts in your home are clean and dry.

Car upholstery

Reliable and Motivated Car Upholstery Cleaning

car upholstery cleaning

Cars are necessary and logical for commuting to work, traveling to meet friends, running errands, and to transport children to their various activities. However, all of this heavy use can lead to dirty car upholstery that makes the car interior look dull and smell. Barney’s Pro Kleen carpet cleaning Portland provides trained technicians in Portland, Oregon, to clean car upholstery in a safe, green, and non-toxic manner. The technicians will use safe chemicals to force the dirt to the surface of the upholstery and use suction equipment to remove the dirt.

portland carpet cleaning

Fighting Grime & Filth

Our car upholstery cleaning service can help remove stains from the upholstery, remove odors, and ensure that the car interior looks brighter and well kept. Our trained and reliable car upholstery cleaners in Portland will free you from the tedious task of cleaning the car interior and also help prolong the life of the upholstery. While car upholstery can get dirty quickly if children and pets travel in the vehicle, our cleaning experts will ensure that it is clean and safe for them.

Teressa V (Review from Linktown)

As a new resident of Barney \’s I did not know who to call when my carpet needed cleaning so I “googled” carpet cleaning in boise, id and the first name that came up was pro clean. I decided to give them a try and I am glad I did. They did an excellent job at a great price. They are a small locally owned business and are easy to talk to and very pleasant.I recommend you give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Trina V. (Review from Linktown)

We own a few properties in boise, meridian, and nampa. We have had problems with carpet cleaners in the pass. Either they down show up. Or say they are gonna do 5 rooms for a certain rate then jack up the price at the end. Barney was so helpful and nice. We had a renter trash one of our units and thought for sure we would have to get new carpet. Check out the pics. I will def call Barney back for all future work.

Kelly H. (Review From Yelp)

Couldn’t believe how well our carpets turned out. We had a huge stain from a red wine a friend spilled. We have been covering it up with our area rug for the pass 3 months as I thought we had no chance in getting it out. Barney came for a routine carpet clean I asked him about the stain and he took care of it like it was no problem and kept the same price for me.

Ken Doherty (Review from Google)

We went with Pro Clean after checking around with a couple other carpet cleaning companies. Locally owned company and prices were reasonable. They were on time and explained their process. Most important was the quick dry time in the carpet (2-3 hours). Past experience it took almost a full day. We will most deffilently use them again in the future.

Our Mission

At Barney’s Pro Kleen our mission is to make the lives of our customers better and more comfortable. We provide Portland carpet cleaning services by trained professionals. Our carpet cleaners in Portland are not janitors but trained to clean carpets, tile grout, upholstery, air ducts, and remove stains in a safe and efficient manner.

When you choose to employ our carpet cleaners in Portland, OR, you buy yourself free time and a clean home or office. Cleaning carpets, tile grouts, and upholstery can be tough, tedious, and time consuming. When you retain the services of reliable carpet cleaners in Portland to clean your home, you can be assured of a clean home without the hassle of putting in the elbow grease. Instead, use your weekend to bond with your family and friends or unwind with your hobby.

Apart from reducing your workload, Barney’s Pro Kleen also ensures that you, your family, and your pets are safe. Our trained cleaning technicians in Portland, Oregon, use safe, green, non-toxic chemicals and systems to clean your home. This ensures that your home is safe for those children, pets, and those who suffer from allergies. By cleaning your home and removing deep seated dirt and grime from carpets, tile grouts, air ducts, and upholstery, our professional carpet cleaners in Portland are able to leave your home clean and pleasant.

Our mission at Barney’s Pro Kleen is to provide reliable cleaners for both homes and commercial places. Our cleaning technicians are punctual and efficient ensuring that you can leave them to clean your home without supervision.
They will take care of cleaning all the areas you have specified – whether it is taking care of water damaged hardwood floors, stained upholstery or carpets, or dirty car upholstery.

Our carpet cleaners in Portland are there to ensure that some of the stress is taken out of your busy life by taking care of a tedious chore. Moreover, the special chemicals used ensure a deep cleaning that prolongs the life of your carpets and upholstery. Our service will ensure that your home looks bright and cheerful even when it is clean and sparkling. Of course they both go hand in hand.