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Portland air duct cleaning

Air ducts are used in homes and offices with central heating and cooling systems to take treated air to the various rooms and take used air from the various rooms to the central heating or cooling unit. These air ducts are narrow spaces that contain the pipes that carry the air.

These air ducts can accumulate dirt and dust from the air as well as humidity, leading to the growth of mold. This dust and spores can then enter living spaces through the vents along with the treated air. As such it is vital that air ducts are cleaned regularly. Barney’s Pro Kleen provides air duct cleaning services in Portland, Oregon.


Our technicians use suction machines and ensure that the narrow air ducts are free of dust and dirt as well as humidity. This cleaning ensures that your Portland home is safe even for those suffering from dust allergies. While air ducts are a salient way to transmit treated air, they can also become a breeding ground for diseases and mold unless cleaned regularly. Our technicians in Portland will ensure that the air ducts in your home are clean and dry.